We are not captured agents and can point to any health plan offered in any state. We provide quotes of all the carriers in the client's zip code that meets their needs: HMO, PPO, HSA, High Deductible, or rich in benefits.

Outside open enrollment, my wife and I travel overseas to train pastors in Biblical Counseling with OIC (Overseas Instruction in Counseling). We both got our Masters Degrees in Biblical Counseling from Masters University in 2017 and are ACBC certified.

Welcome to Healthy Missions!

Our Business & Ministry Website


This website is to introduce ourselves to business partners that don't get a chance to meet us in person. We are health insurance brokers and we also do a teaching ministry in other countries. We choose HealthyMissions as a name because we broker health insurance and do missions work as well!


Health Insurance Brokers


Hello! We are health insurance brokers working in over 10 states. We partner with financial advisors to help their clients pick the right health insurance for their needs. We specialize in only Health Insurance solutions, so we never compete with our partners in areas like life insurance, annuities, LTC, or disability insurance. We work both in and out of the state exchanges helping in navigating subsidies, SEP enrollment, etc; as well as Medicare and over 65 health insurance products. We also do individual & family plans as well as small group plans. Furthermore, we can help with Short Term plans and Christian Health Share Plans.