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Hobbies: Comics & Snowboarding!


We are not captured agents and can point to any health plan offered in any state. We provide quotes of all the carriers in the client's zip code that meets their needs: HMO, PPO, HSA, High Deductible, or rich in benefits.

Our hobbies change over time but my wife and I have online stores as resellers, and we like to stay active and healthy to keep up with a 5 year old ... at our age! 

Welcome to Healthy Missions!

Our Personal Introduction Website


This website is to introduce ourselves to clients that don't get a chance to meet us in person. We are health insurance brokers (In 10 states), property managers, re-sellers, and a Comic Book store (Jude's Junk); and we also did ministry in other countries for seven years. We choose the name "HealthyMissions" originally because we brokered health insurance and did missions work!


Many Skill Sets


My wife has three degrees: Communications, Marketing and a Masters degree in Counseling. She manages the affairs of our house, does home schooling and enjoys an online reseller business, staying healthy and active and chasing our vibrate son around! I have my MBA and a Masters Degree in Counseling. We love travel, living off grid and helping clients solve problems ... as well as the mountains of Idaho!!!