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3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.
Welcome to Healthy Missions!

If you were referred to this site by me, Tarkus Mossberg, a Health Insurance broker partnering with Financial Advisors only, or are an interested Financial Advisor, I welcome you to this website. At the bottom of this page is my picture and contact information. Feel free to review this site to learn about my testimony or my goals for this organization and ministry. My hope is that we can provide some value to each of you! You can sign up for our Quarterly Newsletter "Healthy Missions" by clicking here:  Subscribe to our newsletter

Your Clients

As a resource in the Health Insurance field to Christian financial advisors, I know many of your clients are not Christians. This website is my interface with the financial advisors I partner with only. I'll communicate with your clients through email and phone calls only, and if they need to apply on line they will do that directly through the health insurance company's websites. Furthermore, I will be a resource for each of you in the confusing new world of health reform.  

I will have a telephone appointment with your clients to discuss their options, answer their questions and help them navigate the confusing world of health insurance here in the U.S. or abroad. 

I also offer travel insurance which is done through one company and offers many different types of travel insurance such as short and long term trip health insurance, missionary workers insurance, and even ship's crew member insurance. This travel insurance is available to anyone.

Healthy Mission's whole business model is that Tarkus Mossberg partners with Financial Advisors to be their subject matter expert in the area of Health Insurance. Rest assured I will do everything I can to give your clients accurate and honest advice. I get paid directly through the commissions of the products your clients purchase. This is my agreement with the advisors I partner with, so I am happy to help your clients if I can, even if I don't sell a product to your clients!   

Partnering Financial Advisors

My business model is to develop strategic partnerships with financial advisors, and help you provide the highest level of service to your clients in the area of health insurance. I only provides advice on health insurance so there is no conflict of interest with other financial products. The advisors that get the most value by partnering with me usually focus on comprehensive wealth management, and typically partner with other advisors in the area of health, property & casualty, planning, tax advice, legal advice, and maybe even life, disability and long term care insurance. 

I have been a fully licensed financial planner, up in Los Angeles, with my series 7 and 66 licenses, and have provided health insurance to clients (individuals and companies) in the state of California for the last 9 years. I am also licensed and do business in AZ, NV, AR, & TN and willing to get licensed in other states to help out the advisors I partners with. I also spent 5 years providing coaching, training and accountability to financial advisors located all over the globe with Bachrach & Assoc. I did this for 5 years when I moved to San Diego in 2004, my current residence. I bring a wealth of experience to the Financial Planning world having worked with over 500 advisors in every kind of broker dealer environment. This along with an MBA in services marketing; I hope to share my expertise with the advisors I partner with. 

I am a member of Kingdom Advisors, and have been affiliated with them for over 8 years, have been the Crown administrator at my Church: Pacific Hope, have co-led Crown Ministry's bible studies, and participated in a Crown "Business by the Book" bible study. I am married to Autumn Mossberg, also licensed and business partner, and the proud father of an 18 year old beautiful young lady. Along with Autumn, we are both currently getting our Master's degree in Biblical Counseling & Discipleship from the Master's College up near Los Angeles, CA. My past volunteer ministry has been working with people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and I worked in this field voluntarily and professionally for 22 years. My hope is to be heavily involved with providing counseling and discipleship to believers or training them to be Biblical counselors. Currently, I am co-leading a small group at Church to help equip other members of our congregation in getting NANC (National Association of Nouthetic Counselors) certification that will train them to provide Biblical Counseling and Discipleship to others, which will take some of the burden off the leadership team. 

My long term vision and goal is to donate a large percent of the commissions I make from health insurance to missionaries and seminaries overseas, and if the Lord wills, my wife and I will be one of those missionaries. We are targeting the Mediterranean area and are developing relationships with several Seminaries in that region. See the tab called "Supported Missionaries." TMAI is The Master's Academy International and it is a group of Seminaries set up under John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. The school we are going to is affiliated with this Church. With the huge changes in Health Care reform we are still unsure of the future of health insurance but are committed to our business model so advisors can rest assured we will be here beyond Jan 2014 with health care reform kicks in.

The tab "Financial Advisor Team" lists those advisors that I am currently partnering up with. Since all of my "clients" come from the advisors I partner with, I am not in a position to refer clients out to other advisors. My goal is to work extremely close with a total of 30 Financial Advisors and no more, so I can give them and their clients the highest level of service imaginable. I do almost all my business over the phone with clients and have extensive experience with managing these kinds of relationships so as not to waste a client's time while communicating clearly and effectively. I don't do any mass marketing campaigns, and solely relies on referrals from advisors so my time is not consumed with marketing activities, but rather.... just helping the advisors and their clients. Please consider partnering with me to increase the level of service you provide to your clients.

In Conclusion

I hope you review our Vision and Goals under "Founder's Bio", as it explains what we are trying to do, why, and by when. Here is a little quote I enjoyed as it spoke to me personally:

"God has called every Christian to International Missions, but He does not want everyone to go. God calls some to be senders. If everyone were to pack up and go, who would send, pray, and continue the ministries we leave behind? Conversely, if we all stayed to send, there would be no one to go!"
                                         Author: M. David Sills from the book "The Missionary Call"

Thank you for taking the time to review our Ministry. I look forward to speaking with you and exploring how we can further the Kingdom ... together!!! God bless you and peace be with you,

Tarkus Mossberg, MBA
Founder Healthy Missions Insurance Solutions
4203 Genesee Ave #103
San Diego, CA 92117


We are always looking for trusted Financial Advisors that want to participate.  

Cell (310) 403-3425 , or email

CA Health Lic #0E04328
Arizona # 996258
Arkansas # 370791
Nevada # 731991
Tennessee # 2047358

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